Sales EU and outside the EU

EU sales
For the time being, the European Union has a reverse charge system for trade between the Member States. Our invoice leaves VAT-free and VAT is paid by your foreign principal, who in turn can deduct it from his own sales VAT.

Sales outside the EU
Sales outside the EU are always exempt from VAT. Also, in this case, the buyer is responsible for VAT.

Invoice language
Invoices sent abroad are in English.

My design process

  1. I receive a design request. You can write to me in Russian, Finnish, English.
  2. We are discussing the details by email. This will keep all the details of the project printed. And it will eliminate any misunderstanding in the future.
  3. I will take an advance payment 50%.
  4. You will receive a sketch of the work in jpeg format. This is not a finished layout. It is helpful at this stage to understand that everything is going in the right direction. And it saves time.
  5. Make reasonable layout changes.
  6. Getting finished work
  7. Approval of the work. Small changes are possible.
  8. Payment.
  9. I am sending a link to download the layout